Laundry Services

The myhome laundry service is available to all myhome regular cleaner clients who simply do not have time in their busy schedule to spend hours separating clothes, doing white & colour washes, ironing, repairs etc.

The aim of the myhome laundry service is to ensure that you get the most flexible, efficient and value for money Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Ironing service as possible. We focus on meeting each client's individual cleaner needs and exceeding them. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our service and welcome client suggestions in our bid for excellence.

All our work is hand finished to the highest quality and as always everything is fully insured & guaranteed.

How it works

We will pick up and deliver all your garments directly back to you clean, fresh, and ready to wear!

What You Get...

  • Myhome Laundry Bag
  • Free Collection & Delivery
  • Quality service at competitive rates
  • More time for your self! ....... all of this complimentary (as a regular customer)

Ironing Service

Tired of standing at home ironing for hours on end, when you could be doing something else with your valuable spare time! We take all the hassle out of your ironing by collecting your garments and taking them to our ironing facility where each item is carefully ironed and finished by hand, before being folded or hung ready to be delivery back to you in a matter of days. We also offer a bulk iron only service to all your customers, from just 5pcs to 50pcs ...and more!

Shirt Ironing Service

Dry Cleaning Service

All garments are hand finished with complete care taken throughout the process, using only the best materials, modern equipment giving you every confidence that your garments will return in the best possible condition.

Our dry cleaning service extends from everyday work wear to ball gowns, from raincoats to ski-wear ? always ensuring that your garments get five star treatment.

Laundry Service

Executive Shirt Service

We also offer a button checking and replacement service where required.

Laundry (Service Wash)

We will also provide a Wash, Dry & Fold service. Your washing will be returned clean, folded and fresh.

Duvet and Bedding Service

Sleep tight don?t let the bed bugs bite! Myhome use special additions in the process to assist a hygienic effect. All bedding is ironed to a high standard and delivered back into your home ready for your myhome cleaners to change your bedding when you want them to!

Dry Cleaning
  Two Piece Suit (2) £12.50
  Jacket £8.50
  Trousers / Jeans £7.50
  Three Piece Suit (3) £16.95
  Knitwear (jumper / cardi) £8.50
  Full Coat / MAC £12.50
  Half Coat £9.50
  Sports Jacket £9.50
  Waist Coat £5.50
  Tie £3.95
  Dinner Suit (2) £12.50
  Dress Suit (2) £16.95
  Skirt Suit (2) £12.50
  Dress (Short) £16.95
  Dress (Long / Fancy) £13.95
  Blouse £6.50
  Skirt £7.00
  Pleated Skirt £8.00
  Scarf £6.50
  Pashmina Shawl £12.95
  Wedding dresses from £125.00
  Silks Carry Extra Charge of £1.50
   Curtains per kg £6.75
  Blanket / Throw over £14.95
  Leather / Suede  
  Leather / Suede Jacket £39.50
  Leather / Suede Coat £42.50
  Ironing per kg £4.25
  (4 Shirts = 1kg approx)  
Laundry (Wash & Iron)
  Sheet Single £3.20
  Sheet Double £4.20
  Sheet King + £5.20
  Duvet Cover Single £6.50
  Duvet Cover Double £7.50
  Duvet Cover Kingsize + £8.50
  Bedspread £13.50
  Bedspread Silk £15.50
  Valance £6.50
  Pillow Case £0.95
  Duvet Single £12.80
  Duvet Double £14.80
  Duvet King £16.80
  Feather Filled (extra) £2.00
  Blanket Single £12.50
  Blanket King £15.00
  Mixed Load Laundry (per kg) £6.95
  Handwash Items from £5.50
Executive Shirt Service
  Shirt (Hanger) £2.25
  Shirt (Folded) £2.55
Alterations & Repairs
  Shortening Jeans / Trousers £11.50
  Trousers Wasit In / Out £13.50
  Turn up Hem Only £6.00
  Skirt Zip £12.50
  Trouser Zip £12.50
  Dress Shortening from £14.50
  Jacket Zip from £17.00
  Jacket Sleeve Shortening from £19.95
  Minimum Stitch £6.00
  Changing / Fix Buttons £1.50
  Full Pocket (repair) £10.00
  More repairs available please ask  
Shoe Repairs
  Rubber Heel £11.00
  Stick On Sole £14.00
  Stick on Sole Rib £15.00
  Rubber Sole £21.00
  Half Sole Rubber £19.50
  Leather Sole £45.00

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